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Video Case Study: WebFlix
Since we're all about visualization, here is a video case study that shows you the power of JumboLogic step by step.
The WebFlix Company wants a web-app built which will allow their customers to sign up, rent, and return movies. They want the same webapp to allow their warehouse to ship dvds and process them once returned. Once designed/specified the system will go for review and then to production.
Step #1: Define the Requirements
The first step in any web-app project is to know what the goals and requirements are. It's always a good idea to type this out in a document in simple outline format to ensure you cover all your bases.
Step #2: Design the Interfaces
Next you need to design the interfaces that will be used in this web-application. Drawing the interfaces before development helps because it allows you to think it through and minimize mistakes that need to be fixed during development.
Step #3: Prototype/Simulate
To verify that the usability and operation of the system meets WebFlix's management, employees, and customers needs we're going to create a prototype by simulating its behavior and interaction.
Step #4: Flowchart the Processes
Since there are a fair number of people involved in use of the webapp, process is important. We want to make sure everyone understands the flow and operation of the system so we define the processes using flowcharts.
Step #5: Write Process Guides
The people involved in using this system need to know their roles so we should write process guides for training and management.
Step #6: Upload Project Materials
Every project has a fair number of project materials that need to be organized. This typically includes logos, photos, content, forms, checklists, etc. and we can store and organize them inside JumboLogic.
Step #7: Get Feedback & Review
Both during design and when we have finished designing the webapp we need to make sure that it is agreeable with the WebFlix company, its employees, and the developers. We'll use JumboLogic to get feedback from all parties, track it, and act on it.
Step #8: Share and Distribute
Once the design is agreed upon, we'll use JumboLogic's online portal and export functionality to share and distribute the webapp design with the WebFlix company and the developers who will do the implementation.
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