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Full feature list
Every tool you need in one webapp
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Feedback Users (Collaborators)
Automatic Backups
Phone/Email Support
One click Sharing
One click Export/Print
Fully interactive tutorial
2GB Storage Space
Design Wireframes
  • Use our growing element & widget library
  • Easy to use, quick to learn, just point and click
  • Use Multi-level templating and layering
  • Annotate your interfaces with your notes
Communicate with Flowcharts
  • Embedding wireframes you've created into flowcharts
  • Use our growing library of shapes and symbols
  • Easy to use, Quick to Learn, Just point and click
  • Explain processes, steps, and functionality
Create Documents
  • Embed wireframes you've created into documents
  • As familiar as every WYSIWYG document editor
  • Annotate your document with your notes
  • Use Styles to Organize and Format your Document
Create Sitemaps
  • Visualize the structure of your web or mobile app
  • Simple to use GUI; Drag and drop
  • Supports copy/paste
  • Supports multiple colors
Create Slideshows
  • Embed wireframes you've created into slideshows
  • Re-organize and manage slides with the slide editor
  • Annotate your slideshow with notes
  • Play as a slideshow with automatic progression
Simulate your Wireframes
  • Link your wireframes together
  • Utilize the effects wizard
  • Customize effects with Advanced Effects (Coming soon)
  • Use JumboScript for true simulation (Coming soon)
Store and Preview Files
  • Upload and store up to 2GB of files
  • Preview common file types without program installed
  • Sort files with wireframes/flowcharts
  • Zoom and check images on different backgrounds
Take & Markup Screenshots
  • Take screenshots; All you need is a URL
  • Chrome plugin to capture password protected pages
  • Mark up screenshots using highlighters, markers, etc.
  • Annotate screenshots with notes
Collaboration Tool - Whiteboard *NEW*
  • Works like a real life whiteboard
  • What you draw, everyone sees in real time
  • Embed references to aspects in your project
  • Annotate, drop notes, and save as PNG
Get better Feedback
  • Consolidate all feedback in one webapp
  • Collaborators can provide feedback per aspect
  • Collaborators can "pin" praise, ideas, questions, etc.
  • Organize feedback into feedback rounds
Add the specialized tools you need using the AppMarket
All the core tools are included in the basic webapp but sometimes you just need more tools. With the JumboLogic AppMarket you can add the tools you need. We're adding tools all the time and we're working on extending its reach to third party developers to really open up the possibilities. Every tool available in the AppStore ranges from free to a few dollars a month. Here are a few of the tools available now:

PHP Class Designer
  • Lay out PHP classes with inheritance support
  • Export to PHP files
MySQL Database Designer
  • Design tables and fields
  • Export to SQL import scripts (.SQL)
Content Collector by ContentCub© *coming soon*
  • Define content needed and client can upload files
  • Export all content in one organized ZIP file
Webservice Designer *coming soon*
  • Full WSDL Editing Tool
  • Export organized documentation
Dropbox Support *coming soon*
  • Store and organize large files
  • Keep all your files with your project
Databases by DatabaseDojo© *coming soon*
  • Design tables and fields
  • Export to SQL import scripts (.SQL)
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